Hospital Management

We provide web based Secure, Efficient & Innovative ERP software to manage your Medical Services.

A wide-ranging solution to digitally empower and integrate your hospital’s services.

About XMED

When it comes to Hospital management system(HMS), xMed is better informed and knows the latest system fit in this regard. We offer HMS ERP which integrates all the health related information from patient to staff on the server online. Here, it is safe and the data can be updated and retrieved at any time. Hospital management system is the software from which you can manage your hospital system.

Are you confused?

yeah we know that you’re thinking that it is very difficult to handle a hospital with just a software but you’re in doubt, this software is a full pack of modules which have different features and function from which you can run hospital management system easily.​​

Powerfull Core Features

Organized Workflow

XMED developed hospital management system meets the latest technology and managerial process to handle all the work process in the hospital

Free Training

XMED system is a full pack of modules with Dashboard which have different features and function from which you can run hospital management system easily

No Hidden Charges

There are no more hidden fees or
surprised charges after XMED system purchased

24/7 Server Support

XMED hospital management system 24/7 Support system. Therefore data can be updated and retrieved at any time

XMed Modules

XMed is a digitized solution for your organizational needs. It provides a one-click approach that saves time and operating cost along with enhanced patient handling, which is a competitive advantage in the health sector. The achieved objective of XMED shows improvement in productivity and efficiency hence makes a working environment error-free. It enables role-based access to healthcare-specific communications and IT solutions.We have designed XMED system for the health sector as per today’s demand to shift to a digital platform, cutting down its record maintaining cost and saving time with a user-friendly environment.

Indoor Patient Department​

Indoor is the module in which you can create your database about the patient admission, patient details....

Outdoor Patient Department

Out patient department in which patients are provided the medical consultations and ......


In laboratory modules of hospital management system, it contains lab receipt, lab refund, pending lab test.........

Pharmacy & Inventory

Pharmacy is the module of hospital management system where you can add medicines.....

Accounts, Reports & Analytics

Accounts, Reports & Analytics is the module of hospital management system where you can see reports.....

XMED Features

Indoor Patient Department

• Patient Records System (Admission, Discharge and Transfer)
• Ward System (Bed Allotment, Transfer)
• Doctor’s Ward Activity (Visit Detail etc.)
• Schedule of Operations and Surgeries with Records
• Patient Search Within Each Ward by UHID
• Filtered Search for Registered Patients and Staff
• Nurse Activity
• Billing Activities/Audit
• Alerts in Place for Duplicate Data
• Patient Case History.
• E-Prescribing of Medicines (Just Data Exchange Between Physician to Pharmacy)
• Dashboard for Quick Links (Counts, Revenue, Discount)
• Creating detail reports.

Outdoor Patient Department

• Biometric Registration
• Patient Registration
• Appointments and Token Generation
• Queue Management
• SMS Alerts for Booking, Rescheduling and Cancellation of Appointments
• Patients Complete Digital Health Record
• (Medical History, Lab Test, Radiology History)
• Billing Information (Advance, Payment, Refund)
• Payment Methods (Cash, Credit / Debit Card, Online Transfer Etc.)
• Invoice Report Generation
• Receipt (OPD Receipt, Cancel Receipt, Refund Receipt
• Doctors Can Check (OPD Reports, Patient Appointment)
• OPD Shift Management
• Schedules Management
• Dashboard (User Activity, Patient Activity, Doctor Activity)
• Patient Vitals (Temperature, BP, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Etc.)
• Data Reports (User, Patient and Doctors)


• Lab integrate (hospital departments and clinics)
• Integrate indoor and outdoor patient
• Lab testing and sample processing
• Upload test results relvent departments
• Generate test report with images
• SMS alert to patients for lab reports
• Online portal for patients and doc to view reports
• Print report after Authorized validation
• Payment collection from (indoor and outdoor patients)
• Record of collection centers
• Save test record and case history of patient with UHID
• Maintain lab inventory and storage
• Generate Invoices for the reports

Pharmacy & Inventory

• Inventory and pharmacy stocks management
• Manage purchase (order, invoice and return)
• Comprehensive sales interface (invoice and return)
• Suppliers management (history, payment and ledgers)
• Extensive Report handling
• Stock update dashboard (purchase, sale and remaining)
• Available drugs complete list with info
• Display alternative drugs for non-available drugs
• Auto generated alert for minimum stock
• Online requisition for stock order from the main store
• Presumption of stock depending on batch numbers, manufacturing and expiry dates.
• E-prescriptions consulting (doctor and different department)
• Payment from accounts

Accounts, Reports & Analytics

• Dashboard for (department head, top management and clinical) monitor and measure performance
• Account (add, delete and modify)
• Manage profile
• Total users access
• Accounts/General Ledger
• Save all records into database
• Hospital expense system with expense type detail
• Balance sheet
• Accounts management for donations and zakat
• Statement of (Expense, profit and income)
• Number of Patients served each month (by a doctor and department)
• Report by patient type (Outpatients & Inpatients)
• Audit logs for staff and invoice
• Revenue details (department, sub-debarment and collection center)
• Run-time facilitation of queries
• Exporting data into any formats (excel, pdf)


Frequently Asked Questions

Get XMED web based system & make your business simpler and organized...

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial to familiarize our valued clients with XMed system to enable them to understand all Modules & Fatures.

You are just required to online transfer money to our given account or can also pay through a cheque.

Yes, we provide after-sale maintenance and technical services.

Yes, XMED system provides client need and demand specific customized Modules & Features. Along with already developed Modules & Features, we also create additional features on clients demand.