Patient Registration

Patient registration is the first step in using an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) system. It is essential for accurate patient identification and tracking, as well …

Appointment & Scheduling

An appointment booking is a solution that makes it easy for hospitals and clinics to monitor and manage appointments. It is fully integrated with EMR solution for billing and e-prescription. …

Branded SMS

SMS sent by mask / brand get more attention and seem credible. You can use your own brand/ hospital/ lab name instead of unknown or plain mobile number. This enables patients to trust the content of your message. You may call this “SMS on official letter head”.

Thermal Receipt Printers

xMed can interface with commercially available thermal receipt printers.

Thermal receipts are more economical and can be used for outpatient fee, token slips. These can also be used for lab test billing, pharmacy billing and even can be used for inpatient billing.